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Pattern test – Iris hat – Update


I’ve just realised that I hadn’t updated that the Iris Hat is now finished. To be honest, it’s been finished for months!

The pictures don’t show the correct colour, it is much more purple than this.

I have had lots of comments about the colour as it is so lovely. My only criticism is that it isn’t the warmest when it is windy. Other than that, it’s a great hat and I will definitely make another.

Older post…

It looks like I am back on to hats but this time for a pattern test for Forgetmeknotpa who can be found on Instagram.

I have only just started the test any have only completed the first 4 rounds but it is looking pretty so far.

The yarn is Sirdair Giselle which is a an aran yarn in shade 0131.

More details to follow.

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2 Birthdays and something new…

This week saw the celebration of mine and Molly’s birthday’s together. We have managed to spread it over a week with a special birthday tea with Nanny and Granddad on our birthday then continuing on to the weekend celebrating with friends and a lunch treat mid week.

I was lucky enough to get a new pair of boots for the yard;  no more wet feet! My old boots leaked at the heel and the zip had completely stuck meaning I had to use plastic bags inside to stop me from getting completely soaked. Plus they came with a label describing them as ‘young and different’. Perfect!

Molly got a box full of bath bombs from Rebecca Soaposh. She hasn’t tried any yet but they smell so good and are SLS free.

Other than  the birthday celebrations, I been part of a collection of people who have supported Clare Knackered Psycho and project to raise funds to allow her to print her Shawl Club Book which is a collection of crocheted shawl patterns, through the ‘Kickstarter’ platform. The target has now been successfully reached but you have until 10th February to back this project. More details can be found here.

Following on from the completion of the westie cushion earlier on in the month, I am happy to report that I have now received several orders for more cushions. I am almost half way through the first order which is another westie cushion.

I bought a new book over Christmas called Ruby and Custard’s crochet from Amazon and there are a gorgeous pair of mittens calling to me to make them so that is what I am going to do this afternoon, with a cup of mint tea and a chocolate biscuit.

Happy Sunday!