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Jul 19

An update and a new hobby

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It’s almost 2 years on and I have finally managed to do an update; I promise to get better.

Anyway, since I last posted, I have taught myself (with a little bit of help from my Mum and Youtube) to crochet - card making and scrapbooking has definitely taken a back seat and the mountain of wool is growing.

I have managed to create various items from eggs and chicks to an elephant a horse and a dog. Alongside these I have made a hat for Molly, a flower garland for a friend and some apple coasters for Molly’s key worker on her last day.

I have lots of projects planned and may have a challenge of some larger items of clothing, watch this space.

Although I only make items as a hobby, I would be happy to take requests to make individual items. Please contact me for more information.

Stripy kitten and horse

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