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May 31

Time to get to grips with my website

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Updating my website is a job I am not very good at. I get very enthusiastic but then I struggle and it takes me more time than I really have.

However, I will get better.

I have been completing a few crochet projects and some can be found on my Louloucrafts facebook page.

I have a new idea that I am working on and hopefully will update this page soon once it is ready to launch.

Be back soon, honestly!


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Jul 19

An update and a new hobby

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It’s almost 2 years on and I have finally managed to do an update; I promise to get better.

Anyway, since I last posted, I have taught myself (with a little bit of help from my Mum and Youtube) to crochet - card making and scrapbooking has definitely taken a back seat and the mountain of wool is growing.

I have managed to create various items from eggs and chicks to an elephant a horse and a dog. Alongside these I have made a hat for Molly, a flower garland for a friend and some apple coasters for Molly’s key worker on her last day.

I have lots of projects planned and may have a challenge of some larger items of clothing, watch this space.

Although I only make items as a hobby, I would be happy to take requests to make individual items. Please contact me for more information.

Stripy kitten and horse

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Nov 01

My little Halloween Pumpkin

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Well here goes, here is my first ‘solo’ update.

Molly had her first Halloween disco last week and her outfit was a pumpkin dress, she looked so cute! She had a lovely time and she and her friends ate the pumpkin shaped ginger biscuits that I made.

Molly at her first halloween disco.jpg

I made this container for the biscuits to go in, at the last minute, from a custard powder box. I had to put the heating on and stand it near the radiator so it would dry in time for the party!

Halloween biscuit tin
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Oct 28

Welcome to my new improved website

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Welcome to my new shiny cardmaking and scrapbooking website.

As well as being a fresh new look, this site should be easier to navigate around and for me to keep up to date.

Over the coming weeks I hope to upload pictures of crafting projects as they are completed. And this site should be the incentive I need to get more of those half completed projects finished!

Many thanks to my ever patient husband Daniel for putting this site together and for the many questions that I will no doubt be asking while I get to grips with updating the site myself!

I want to launch the site with my most recent make. It is a mini yearbook for my friend’s daughter. It was a (very) late birthday present. A page has been made for each month with space for a picture to be added.

Maisie's mini book

Finally, in the not too distant future, I hope to be able to make the shop area live and take orders for either mini books/year books and wedding stationery. If, in the meantime you see something you would like to order or enquire about, please get in touch. All quantities can be catered for.

Happy browsing, see you soon for the next update.

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Jan 31

Birthday Card

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Here is a birthday card I have made for my friend’s birthday.

The papers are DCWV Rockstar’ and the stamp is from a Sugar Nellie from Funky Kits.

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Jan 14

Another card

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Here is another card I have made, this time using the template on the Sugar Bowl challenge website.

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